Once you submit a ticket, you can monitor your ticket's progress.

Instructions for submitting a ticket can be found here: Submitting a Ticket

After logging into your account, at the top of your screen you should see this:

Click on New Support Ticketto check on the status of your tickets.

You should see a screen showing all of your submitted tickets and their status:

If you don't see the ticket you're looking for, make sure that the drop-down filter says

Selecting a ticket will open a screen showing that ticket's status.

Any updates or replies about the ticket's status will be displayed here:

You'll notice three buttons just above your original ticket submission:

The Left button will bring you to the reply box, where you can communicate directly with your Rocket Cloud representative, once your ticket has been assigned.

The Middle button can be used if you wish to close your ticket, indicating that you require no further assistance with that ticket.

The Right button allows you to add additional people who will be notified when an action or response to your ticket is received.

You should receive an email anytime an update to your ticket occurs, but always check here to get the latest status and information about your ticket.